Share your Instagram Analytics Reports!

We are happy to introduce shared reports. Starting from today you can share your report, get secret link and send it to your customer or partner.

For example you need to share report for hashtag “applepark” to show it growth after Iphone X demonstration. Just open tracked report and click on “Share” tab.

applepark hashtag report

You can select time range and pages for your new shared report.

applepark instagram hashtag share

After you created shared report it will be displayed in table. Just copy secret URL and send it to your customer or partner.

applepark shared instagram report

You get a secret link. For example you can open link for all data in “applepark” for last 7 days:

And of course you can create multiple shared report for one hashtag our account.

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PDF Report for your Instagram Account or Hashtag

Recently we launched PDF export. Now you can export analytics data for Instagram account or Hashtag to PDF (completely optimised for print).

instagram analytics account export to pdf

PDF export is white-labled, it means you can change copyright “powered by” to anything what you want, e.g “Made by MyAgency”.

instagram analytics tag export to pdf

Check out PDF examples for account and hashtag.

By the way, you can generate PDF reports and send to your customers right from our online app.

instagram analytics pdf export

The best 5 Instagram analytics tools in 2017

Looking for Instagram Analytics? We collected top 5 tools you should try in 2017. All of this tools specialise on Instagram analytics only.


Statistic and analytics for Instagram. Smartmetrics works with account and hashtags. It provides the most detailed analytics on the market. Tracking of competitors is also available.

instagram followers 2016


hashtag geo


Pricing: Free for small accounts (up to 1000 post + followers), starting from $9
Free trial: 7 day.


Another good account analytics. This tool provide not so many metrics but check status of your account every hour. Price is $9 fixed and not depends on size of your account.


Pricing:  $9
Free trial: 7 day

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Instagram Hashtag Tracking. Complete Guide.

This week we launched Instagram Hashtag Analytics. Hashtag analytics allows you to track brand or advertising campaign with certain hashtag.

Why hashtags are so important?

Hashtags attract more people to your content and increase engagement rate of your posts. Posts with hashtags get 50-70% more likes and comments. Also hashtags is a way of categorisation of content in social networks like Instagram and Twitter. Search engine inside of Instagram is based on hashtags so adding hashtags you are increasing discoverability of your posts.

Instagram Search and Hashtags

Who needs hashtag analytics?

– Brands
– Advertising agencies
– Anybody who uses hashtags for their business

More 75% people on Instagram use hashtags. Tracking of hashtags allows you increase your performance and get more insight into your audience.

Which metrics of hashtag are the most important to track?

1. Count of public posts

Count of public posts shows a dynamic of growth: more post means more impressions. But only count of public posts does matter. Posts on private accounts are hidden from anyone searching media by your hashtag (or associated hashtags). Instagram shows only total count of posts, including private and public posts:

instagram posts on hashtags

Hashtag Analytics tools like show you real count of public posts with dynamic of change:

smartmetrics public hashtag posts

You can see that Instagram cares of content and removes spam bots and spam posts about once per two weeks:

instagram hashtag clearing

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Instagram Promotion. Complete Guide.

growth on instagram

Ways of promotion in Instagram

  1. Content and dialog with the audience
  2. Geotags
  3. Mass following and mass liking
  4. Choosing best time for posting
  5. Gamification – contests, maraphons, sfs, flashmobs.
  6. Working with top bloggers
  7. Cross-PR, comments with references
  8. Advertising.
  9. Cross-posting

Quality content

This is something to begin with. The more interesting you are, the more people subscribe to your account. Find a creative idea, a concept of your brand, and produce photo content in a certain style. Be sure to think the texts through. The “personality” of brands is now trending, that is why many businesses base their actions on the popularity of personal brands of their founders.

Use texts to motivate your audience for dialog, to involve them into discussions or arguments. Answer all comments and do not delete negative reviews. You can offer your subscribers some rules of conversation.

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Instagram 2017 Business Trends

Here are my thoughts and ideas about 2017 and Instagram. There is a lot of interesting stuff to look forward to.
I am no prophet and cannot foresee what life will become in a couple of months. No one could have imagined the dynamic growth of Instagram in 2016 and the number of novelties it introduced. In this article I only express my personal opinion without claiming monopoly on the truth.

Any novelty in social media has two levels:
‐ its advantages for business
‐ the way it changes the lives of average users.

I mention it because this article is aimed at the representatives of business and bloggers and does not cover user experience. Well, let’s get started.

6 main Instagram tendencies in 2017:

  1. Video content
  2. Working on engagement rate
  3. Reduced MF/ML efficiency
  4. Increased value of the bloggers
  5. Statistics everywhere
  6. Development of business functions

Now let’s talk about it in more detail.

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Instagram released official app for Windows

Official Instagram client is available for Windows 10!
Now you can watch your timeline, stories and use direct messages on PC.

instagram for windows

Nevertheless, this application has one important restriction: you can post images only from device with camera, so posting is available only from notebooks transformers ant tablets running on Windows 10.

Instagram 2016. Results of the Year.

Year 2016 was efficient for Instagram and their users. In this last day of 2016 year we want to remember all important events and collect some result.

Audience growth.

Audience of Instagram is growing consistently. Instagram has 600M monthly active users in December. The growth is +100M active users for last half of a year.

Instagram growth

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