Top 7 facts about Instagram Stories Algorithm in 2020

Instagram recently shared some insights as stories in their creators account.

We collected Top 7 interesting facts for you.

  1. Engagement doesn’t depend on content type (yep, video doesn’t perform better).
  2. Account type also has no effect on engagement (so Business and Creators profiles not perform worse).
  3. Likes and comments in first minutes after posting is not better for engagement  then same count of likes after a few hours.
  4. Count of chars or words in comments doesn’t affect algorithm work.
  5. Instargram is good in detecting likes from automated services or chats for mutual like exchange. These likes just shadow banned for engagement.
  6. Reactions on stories and video views are good, exits are bad. Pretty obvious.
  7. Instagram uses Machine Learning in their ranging algorithm so algorithm improves itself every second. Most likely algorithm changed several times while you were reading this article.

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