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Professional Instagram analytics for your business.

Discover SmartMetrics key features. Learn about 30+ Instagram metrics for your accounts and 20+ metrics for your hashtags we will collect for you.

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We track and analize your accounts and hashtags daily.

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We provide personal reccomendations based on your data.

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Export reports in PDF or get CSV data.

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We collect any information you need

Track your Instagram performance, growth and success indicators. Our tool will help you analyze size of your community. Find out how many instagrammers can view your content via Instagram. You will get reporting with more 30 metrics.

Know Instagram audience

We provide analytics of your followers

Track your followers, their geography, languages, privacy settings, and gender distribution. Get daily updates about new and leaving followers. Find influencers and the most active contributors to your Hashtag.

Measure your brand impression

Complete analytics of your posts on account and hashtag

Analyse your posts. Get reports with the percentage of users that interact with your content or profile on a daily basis.

Optimize content on Instagram account

And get more impressions

Follow our advice regarding the best time to post and types of posts, tags, and other parameters that help improve user experience. All our recomendations are data driven and based on tracking habbits of your followers day by day.

Track brand or advertising campaign performance

Use hashtag tracking

Get all information for Hashtag with historical data since first post.

Make your Instagram marketing and business better

Take your decisions based on actual data

We update information about every your follower everyday and every hour for all your posts. So you can get almost realtime engagement analytics.

Account Analytics in 3 minutes. Watch video. instagram analytics: watch video

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