Important changes in Hashtag tracking

Instagram and Facebook have deprecated part of old Instagram API. Many companies including Smartmetrics used that API for Hashtag tracking.

Starting from December 11th we moved our Hashtag Analytics to new Facebook API. 

What is changed?

No audience data anymore.Due to new privacy policy Facebook does not provide information about people posting with Hashtag.

No Hashtag Geography. As Facebook provides only limited set of data for all posts on Hashtag we are not able to get geo information.

No Historical Data for Hashtag. Instagram provides data only for last 24 hours so we analyze hashtag only from date you connected it to our service.

There is some good news also.

No spam posts in analytics. We collect only 1000 posts from Hashtag top by Instagram ranking. This approach allow us to use built in ranking system and spam protection system of Instagram, so we analyze only the most relevant posts.

New emoji usage statistic. We show not only sentiment rate but emoji usage also. We hope our new emoji statistic help you understand how people feels your brand or product. 
Here is some example for #apple.

Instagram Hashtag #apple

Same price for all hashtags. The price is not depends on count of posts on Hashtag anymore. Every hashtag counts by our billing like a just one Instagram account. So on our $9 plan you can track one your Instagram account and two any hashtags. 

We also working on Mentions tracking and we will release it this Year. Keep tuned.

4 metrics that help you understand changes in Instagram followers geography

How many subscribers from your city? Where is my audience located? In what city last advertizing campaign was more successful?
Sometimes Business needs to track its presence in particular geography area.

We implemented 4 bar charts that help you understand changes in countries and cities on your followers.

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The best 5 Instagram Analytics services to use in 2018

In 2018 Instagram has about 1 Billion monthly active users or about 500 million daily active users. It makes Instagram almost the best place to promote your brand or company. Obviously you need some good tool to evaluate your performance and understand audience of you account. In this article we collect top 5 analytics services to use in 2018.

top 5 instagram analytics 2018

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The best 5 Instagram analytics tools in 2017

Looking for Instagram Analytics? We collected top 5 tools you should try in 2017. All of this tools specialise on Instagram analytics only.


Statistic and analytics for Instagram. Smartmetrics works with account and hashtags. It provides the most detailed analytics on the market. Tracking of competitors is also available.

instagram followers 2016


hashtag geo


Pricing: Free for small accounts (up to 1000 post + followers), starting from $9
Free trial: 7 day.


Another good account analytics. This tool provide not so many metrics but check status of your account every hour. Price is $9 fixed and not depends on size of your account.


Pricing:  $9
Free trial: 7 day

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Instagram Hashtag Tracking. Complete Guide.

This week we launched Instagram Hashtag Analytics. Hashtag analytics allows you to track brand or advertising campaign with certain hashtag.

Why hashtags are so important?

Hashtags attract more people to your content and increase engagement rate of your posts. Posts with hashtags get 50-70% more likes and comments. Also hashtags is a way of categorisation of content in social networks like Instagram and Twitter. Search engine inside of Instagram is based on hashtags so adding hashtags you are increasing discoverability of your posts.

Instagram Search and Hashtags

Who needs hashtag analytics?

– Brands
– Advertising agencies
– Anybody who uses hashtags for their business

More 75% people on Instagram use hashtags. Tracking of hashtags allows you increase your performance and get more insight into your audience.

Which metrics of hashtag are the most important to track?

1. Count of public posts

Count of public posts shows a dynamic of growth: more post means more impressions. But only count of public posts does matter. Posts on private accounts are hidden from anyone searching media by your hashtag (or associated hashtags). Instagram shows only total count of posts, including private and public posts:

instagram posts on hashtags

Hashtag Analytics tools like show you real count of public posts with dynamic of change:

smartmetrics public hashtag posts

You can see that Instagram cares of content and removes spam bots and spam posts about once per two weeks:

instagram hashtag clearing

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Instagram 2016. Results of the Year.

Year 2016 was efficient for Instagram and their users. In this last day of 2016 year we want to remember all important events and collect some result.

Audience growth.

Audience of Instagram is growing consistently. Instagram has 600M monthly active users in December. The growth is +100M active users for last half of a year.

Instagram growth

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