Instagram Promotion. Complete Guide.

Ways of promotion in Instagram Content and dialog with the audience Geotags Mass following and mass liking Choosing best time for posting Gamification – contests, maraphons, sfs, flashmobs. Working with top bloggers Cross-PR, comments with references Advertising. Cross-posting Quality content This is something to begin with. The more interesting you are, the more people subscribe…

Instagram 2017 Business Trends

Here are my thoughts and ideas about 2017 and Instagram. There is a lot of interesting stuff to look forward to. I am no prophet and cannot foresee what life will become in a couple of months. No one could have imagined the dynamic growth of Instagram in 2016 and the number of novelties it…

Instagram released official app for Windows

Official Instagram client is available for Windows 10! Now you can watch your timeline, stories and use direct messages on PC. Nevertheless, this application has one important restriction: you can post images only from device with camera, so posting is available only from notebooks transformers ant tablets running on Windows 10.

Instagram 2016. Results of the Year.

Year 2016 was efficient for Instagram and their users. In this last day of 2016 year we want to remember all important events and collect some result. Audience growth. Audience of Instagram is growing consistently. Instagram has 600M monthly active users in December. The growth is +100M active users for last half of a year.