Questions and Answers


Q: What metrics does SmartMetrics Analytics provide?

SmartMetrics provides Instagram Analytics.

We provide following metrics for accounts:

  • Followers count (total) by day

  • Followers growth (relative) by day

  • Followers gender

  • Followers publicity (percentage of followers with private accounts)

  • Potential Reach (maximum number of people that can see your post on activity tab)

  • Geography of followers (countries, cities, map)

  • Gained and lost followers (count by day, list of usernames)

  • Profile engagement rate (which part of your followers interacted with your profile)

Also we provide following metrics for posts:

  • Count of posts (by type), displayed by day

  • Count of interactions (likes and comments) by day (Impressions)

  • Detailed interactions (likes and comments for photo and viseo content) by day

  • Posts engagement rate (which part of your followers interacted with your posts)

  • Detailed stat of posts (with count of interactions and engagement rate)

  • Best time for posting (based on interactions of your audience with your content)

  • Most engaged types of posts

  • Used filters and most engaged filters

  • Used tags and most engaged tags

You can filter this data by tag or by time range.

Please read about all features and metrics.

Q: Can i track other accounts?

Yes, you can track your competitors, but some metrics will be unavailable: followers gender, privacy, geography, reach and gained and lost followers.


Q: How to cancel my subscription?

Just contact us: [email protected] or use a link in payment confirmation.