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Account Analytics | Hashtag Analytics

Know your audience

Get insights about your community

Total Followers

Visualise a count of your followers

Instagram Analytics: Total Followers

Instagram Analytics: Follower Growth

Followers Growth

Measure your daily progress

Followers Gender

Know gender of your audience

Instagram Analytics: Followers Gender

Instagram Analytics: Follower Privacy

Followers Privacy Settings

Privacy settings affect ability of followers of your followers to see their likes

Followers Languages

Select the proper language for your audience

Instagram Analytics: Followers Languages

Instagram Analytics: Followers/Following Ratio

Followers/Following Ratio

Find out how many mass followers, bots and popular followers you have

Distribution by Posts

Get count of newcomers and advanced Instagram users

Instagram Analytics: Distribution by Posts

Instagram Analytics: Potential Reach

Potential Reach

People that could see your posts on "Following Activity" tab


How easily people can see your posts in their feeds

Instagram Analytics: Distribution by Following (Reachability)

Instagram Analytics: Distribution by Followers

Distribution by Followers

Another way to know how popular your followers are

Followers Map

Visualize geo distribution of your followers on the Map

Instagram Analytics: Followers Map

Instagram Analytics: Followers Countries

Followers Countries

Detailed information about countries of your followers

Followers Cities

Detailed information about cities of your followers

Instagram Analytics: Followers Cities

Instagram Analytics: Gained and Lost Followers

Gained and Lost Followers

How many followers you got and lost each day

Lists of Gained and Lost Followers

Detailed information about followers that you get and lost

Instagram Analytics: Lists of Gained and Lost Followers

Analyze your Engagement

Get insights about your content and impressions it makes

Instagram Analytics: Content

Your Content

Visualize your day by day productivity


Interactions with your content

Instagram Analytics: Interactions and Impressions

Instagram Analytics: Interactions in Details

Interactions in Details

Detailed information about interactions with your content

Posts Engagement Rate

Indicates which part of your audience interacts with your posts

Instagram Analytics: Posts Engagement Rate

Instagram Analytics: Daily Engagement Rate

Daily Engagement Rate

Shows which part of your audience interacts with your profile

Stat of your Posts

Displays the most engaged and the most impressed posts

Instagram Analytics: Posts Engagement Rate

Optimize your Content

Get insights about activity and habbits of your audience

Instagram Analytics: Best Time to Post

Best Time to Post

Is based on activity of your audience

Posts by Type

Ratio of posts by type at your account

Instagram Analytics: Posts by Type

Instagram Analytics: Most Engaging Types

Most Engaging Types

Show the most engaging types of posts and their ratio

Impressions Ratio by Type

Ratio of posts by impressions count

Instagram Analytics: Impressions Ratio by Type

Instagram Analytics: Used Photo Filters

Used Photo Filters

Filters by count of usage on photos

Most Engaged Photo Filters

Most effective filters for photos

Instagram Analytics: Most Engaged Photo Filters

Instagram Analytics: Used Video Filters

Used Video Filters

Filters by count of usage on video

Most Engaged Video Filters

The most effective filters for video

Instagram Analytics: Most Engaged Video Filters

Instagram Analytics: Stat of Hashtags

Stat of Hashtags

Shows used hashtags, their count of usage engagement and impressions

And much more...

Use our abilities to filter and export data

Timerange & History

Select timerange for data analysys and visualisation, get access to the history

Instagram Analytics: Timerange & History

Instagram Analytics: Tag Filtration

Tag Filtration

Filter your posts by tags to see optimisation recommendations for selected group of posts

Charts Export

Export your charts and integrate them into documents and presentations

Instagram Analytics: Charts Export

Instagram Analytics: Mobile optimized

Mobile optimized

Use Instagram Analytics on any device. Smartmetrics is mobile and tablet optimized.

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